Device Repair And Servicing

From LMC Consulting

Replace or Upgrade Faulty Hardware

Faulty hardware can cause any number of problems with the performance and functionality of your electronic devices. If your electronic devices are functioning slower than usuall or are failing to turn on it may be due to a hardware fault. Our technicians can trubleshoot and diagnose faults in the hardware of your electronic devices and either repair them or supply and install a replacement component.

Troubleshoot Software

In addition to hardware difficulties, your electronic devices can experience issues with software installed on the device. Our technicians can trubleshoot and diagnose software issues on your electronic device and either apply a fix or reinstall the selected software package. We can also provide training and education in how you can get the best experience out of your device in the future.

Reinstall Corrupt Software and Applications

If an application or program that you use is now showing you cryptic error messages or not operating as it is supposed to, this may be a sign that an application or program has become corrupted and needs to be reinstalled on your device for it to operate correctly again. This can be performed here in our store or at your home, office or workplace.

Remove Viruses and Spyware

Viruses and Spyware can make your electronic devices malfunction and cause damage to your hardware and software components. Malicious files commonly refered to as 'Malware' pose a serious threat to the security of your device, finances and identity. Our technicians can remove malware from your electronic devices using specialist tools, repair software issues and increase the security of the device to avoid future infections.

Device maintenance

Over time your device will accumulate temporary and junk files and will require maintenance to operate efficiently. We will clean, tweak and optimize your device to have it running better than the first time you used it. Optimise your devices startup and shutdown times, so your device turns ON and OFF as fast as possible. Install the latest software updates and patches to secure your device from know errors and vulnerabilities. Improve the speed of your device by removing any bloatware and unwanted software running in the background.

Device Setup

Have you purchased a new device but don't know how to set it up? Our technicians can remove any trialware and bloatware installed on your new device, perform critical software updates and apply any required patches. We can optimise your devices startup and shutdown times, so your device turns ON and OFF as fast as possible. We can install internet security software to give you the confidence to browse safely online. We can setup a backup solution for your most important files and photos and make them accessible from any of your devices. We can transfer any data that you need over from your old device to your new device. We can connect your new device to your existing networks and printers.