Visual Services

From LMC Consulting

Video Editing

If you have video files that require editing or require video to be capture, we can help you turn your vision into a masterpiece. We can use your equipment to direct and capture video or come to your workplace with the equipment nessacary to produce and edit your ideas.

Visual Display

Our graphic designers design and produce banner and posters for your personal and business events. We can design visual displays and prjections to market your products and entertain your customers.

Commercial Production

We can create audio and video commercials to promote your products and services. We can handle all aspects of production no matter the scale or size of your budget, We can source and prvoice the talent and tools required for the whole production and distribution across multiple media platforms.

Advertising Display

Custom made banners, flyers and advertising materials for popup shops and retail outlets with your logos and branding. We can also source and supply promotional staff to promote and sell your products and services.